Form Forum III: Romantic Form and Beyond
University of Toronto, Faculty of Music
February 9-11, 2017
A striking recent development in the relatively young history of the “new Formenlehre” has been its gradual expansion beyond the classical canon to music of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Consisting of a keynote lecture, four workshops, a graduate student forum, and a concluding roundtable, Form Forum III both takes stock of and contributes to this ongoing development.
Attendees are asked to register for the Form Forum by means of the registration form. There is no registration fee.  (Funding for Form Forum III has been generously provided by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Centre for the Study of Nineteenth-Century Music at the University of Toronto). All participants are welcome to attend as many workshops as they like. However, attendees are also strongly encourage to identify those workshops in which they would like to be active participants by ranking their workshop choices on the registration form by January 23, 2017.  In order to render the workshops as effective as possible, active participants will want to examine various materials that will be distributed in advance (including readings, musical examples, etc.).